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We provide the Electrical equipment :

Cubicle Low and High Tension
Description MCC Panel, Low and High Voltage Panel, Starter Panel, Inverter, Soft Starter, Auto-Trans Control, Synchronizing System, AMF, ATS, Capacitor Bank, etc.
Brand ABB, Schneider Electric, Fuji Electric, Suntree, DEIF, Datakom, Deapsea, Circutor, Nokian, etc.

Cubicle Low and High Tension

Cable Power and Control
Description High and Low Voltage Power Cable, Screen Cable, Armored Cable, Communication Cable, Coaxial Cable, etc.
Brand Jembo, Supreme, Yunitomo, Sinar Monas Industri, Laff Cable, Kerpen Cable, Cable Metal, Mitsuba, etc.

Cable Power and Control

Explosionproof Lighting and Industrial Lighting
Description H.I.D. Lighting - Hazardous and Non-Hazardous, Floodlights, LED Luminaires, Portable Lighting, Lighting Hangers and Accessories, Fluorescent Luminaires, Solar, Led light, TL-D, Waterproof Luminaires, Spotlight, Flashlight, Hand and Portable Lamp, Emergency Lighting, etc.
Brand Cooper Industri, Larson Electronic, Philips, Hinode, Warom USA, GE, Schneider Electric, Acuity, Hubbell, GE Lighting, Pelican, KH Industries, J auer, etc.

Explosion Proof Lighting and Industrial Lighting

Ex-proof Signaling Equipment
Description Ex-proof Signal Horns, Ex-proof Signal Bell, Ex-proof Loudspeakers, Ex-proof Aud. Signalling Sounders, Ex-proof Strobe Beacons, Ex-proof LED-Signal Beacon, etc.
Brand J auer, Allen-Bradley, Xenon, Qlight, Werma, Cooper Industries, etc.

Ex-proof Signaling Equipment

Breaker and Accessories
Description Air Circuit Breaker, Vacuum Breaker, Oil Circuit Breaker, Magnetic Contractor, Overload, Relay, Timer, Shock Relay, etc.
Brand MG, Fuji Electric, ABB, Siemens, Chin, Shin-li, Tsubaki, Sumitomo, Mitsubishi Electric, etc.

Breaker and Accessories

Protection Units
Description Semiconductor Fuse, Fast Acting Fuse, Class G Fuse, Ceramic Fuse, Over Current Relay, Under Voltage Relay, Ground Fault Relay, Static Electricity Protection, Grounding Protection, etc.
Brand Bussman, Hinode, Dynasonic, Mersen, Yoden, Fluke, Cooper Industries, Siemens, etc.

Protection Units

Drive Units
Description Electric Motor, Pneumatic Motor, Hydraulic Motor, Inverter, Soft Starter, SBL 77 Amp, Field Regulator FRU 264, Option Unit, HRDBC, Toyodenki Inverter, Western State Centrifugal, etc.
Brand ABB, Electrim, Teco Electric, Integral, Atlas Copco, Preston Hydraulic, Endo, Yaskawa, Toyodenki, TSK, Halmar Robicon, Western State, Tanaka, etc.

Drive Units

Panel & Accessories
Description Ampere Meter, Cooling Fan, Volt Meter, Frequency Meter, Watt Meter, Synchronous, Indicator Lamp, Display light, Push Button, Selector Switch, Toggle Switch, Miniature Pilot Lamp, etc.
Brand Krauss & Namur, ebmpapst, San Ace, Rittal, Ziehl-Abegg, Idec Izumy, Hanyoung, Autonic, Schneider Electric, Circutor, DEIF, Fuji Electric, Arcolectric, Siemens, Cuttler-Hammer, etc.

Panel & Accessories


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